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            Shanghai Feilong Instrument Electric Co., Ltd
            Xie Manager:13671774687 China EngLish
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            ADD: No. 1260 Lane 21 Sanzao Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China

            HP: 13918773239

            LINKMAN: Manager Shi

            EMAIL: sales03@sh9t.com


            Wrnk, wrek, wrck armored thermocouple

            Product Name: wrnk, wrek, wrck armored thermocouple
            Product No.: 14757-682
            Product model: wrnk, wrek, wrck
            Updated on: September 19, 2009
            Manufacturer: thermocouple, thermal resistance, bimetal thermometer, polytetrafluoroethylene, PTFE gasket -- Shanghai Feilong instrument and Electrical Co., Ltd
            Product details

            Armored thermocouple has many advantages, such as being able to bend, resistant to high pressure, fast thermal response time and durable. Like the industrial assembled thermocouple, it is used as a transmitter for measuring temperature, usually in combination with the display instrument, recording instrument and electronic regulator, and also as a temperature sensing element of the assembled thermocouple. It can directly measure the temperature of liquid, steam, gas medium and solid surface in the range of 0 ~ 800 ℃.
            The working principle of armored thermocouple is that the two ends of two different components of conductor are welded to form a circuit, and the direct temperature measuring end is called the working end, and the terminal end is called the cold end, also known as the reference end. When there is a temperature difference between the working end and the reference end, a thermal current will be generated in the circuit. When the display instrument is connected, the corresponding temperature value of the thermoelectric EMF generated by the thermocouple will be indicated on the instrument.
            The thermoelectric force of the armored thermocouple will increase with the temperature of the measuring end. The thermoelectric force is only related to the material of the thermocouple conductor and the temperature difference between the two ends, and has nothing to do with the length and diameter of the thermoelectric pole.
            The structure principle of armored thermocouple is that it is made of conductor, high insulating magnesium oxide and 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel protective tube, which has been pulled together for many times. Armored thermocouple products are mainly composed of junction box, terminal and armored thermocouple, and equipped with various installation and fixing devices.
            Armored thermocouple is divided into two types: insulation type and shell type.
            Basic technical indicators

            Note: 1. T is the absolute value of the measured temperature

            2. T-type graduation products need to be ordered through consultation with the manufacturer

            Thermal response time of armored thermocouple

            In case of step change of temperature, the time when the output of thermocouple changes to 50% of the step change is called thermal response time, which is expressed by τ 0.5.

            insulation resistance

            When the ambient air temperature is 20 ± 1.5 ℃ and the relative humidity is not more than 80%, the insulation resistance between the coupling wire of insulated armored thermocouple and the outer sleeve shall meet the requirements of the following table.


            The radius of flexible curvature of armored thermocouple shall not be less than 5 times of its outer diameter.

            Thermal response time of armored thermocouple

            Standard Specification for outside diameter and nominal length of armored thermocouple

            Outer diameter of armored thermocouple D (mm)
            φ 8 φ 6 φ 5 φ 4 φ 3
            50 50 50 50 50
            75 75 75 75 75
            100 100 100 100 100
            150 150 150 150 150
            200 200 200 200 200
            250 250 250 250 250
            300 300 300 300 300
            400 400 400 400 400
            500 500 500 500 500
            750 750 750 750 750
            1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
              1250 1250 1250 1250
              1500 1500 1500 1500
              2000 2000 2000 2000
                2500 2500 2500
                3000 3000 3000
                4000 4000 4000
                  5000 5000
                  7500 7500
                  10000 10000
            Note: the nominal total length L of 1 ¢ 3 insulated armored thermocouple shall not be greater than 10000mm.

            2. The outer diameter of armored thermocouple is d < 5mm, and there is splash proof or waterproof junction box. Users should pay attention to that when installing the thermocouple, the exposed part of the equipment must be equipped with support and other auxiliary supports to increase the rigidity, ensure the firmness, prevent the junction box from shaking back and forth, and damage the thermocouple.


            Structure form of armored thermocouple material

            Structure form of working end (hot end)

            Installation and fixation form

            The fixture is for user installation. In addition to the products without fixed device, the armored thermocouple fixed device has four structural forms: fixed ferrule type, movable ferrule type, fixed flange and movable flange. The fixed ferrule type is used for the user to fix in a short time, and the movable ferrule type user can fix for many times.

            Note: the numbers in brackets are generally not used as specifications. If special specifications are needed, order.

            Free end (junction box) type of armored thermocouple

            The junction box is used to connect the free end of the thermocouple and the display instrument. At present, there are many types of structures, such as simple type, splash proof type, waterproof type, handle type, small junction box type and compensation conductor type.

            With compensating conductor

            Splash proof

            Waterproof type

            Handle type

            Small junction box type

            Armored thermocouple (2)

            Armored thermocouple without fixture
            Name Model Graduation Working end form
            Single nickel chromium constantan WREK-101  E Insulation type
            WREK-102 Shell type
            Double nickel chromium constantan WREK 2-121  Insulation type
            WREK 2-131
            WREK 2-122  Shell type
            WREK 2-132
            Single nickel chromium nickel silicon WRNK-101 K Insulation type
            WRNK-102  Shell type
            Double nickel chromium constantan WRNK 2 -121  Insulation type
            WRNK 2 -131 
            WRNK 2 -122  Shell type
            WRNK 2 -132 
            Single copper constantan WRCK-101  T Insulation type
            WRCK-102  Shell type
            Double copper constantan WRCK 2-121  Insulation type
            WRCK 2-131 
            WRCK 2-122  Shell type
            WRCK 2-132 
            Note: outer diameter of casing D (mm): ¢ 3, ¢ 4, ¢ 5, ¢ 6, ¢ 8

            Fixed ferrule threaded device armored thermocouple
            Name Model Graduation Working end form
            Single nickel chromium constantan WREK-201  E Insulation type
            WREK-202  Shell type
            Double nickel chromium constantan WREK 2 -221  Insulation type
            WREK 2 -231 
            WREK 2 -222  Shell type
            WREK 2 -232 
            Single nickel chromium nickel silicon WRNK-201  K Insulation type
            WRNK-202  Shell type
            Double nickel chromium constantan WRNK 2 -221  Insulation type
            WRNK 2 -231 
            WRNK 2 -222  Shell type
            WRNK 2 -232 
            Single copper constantan WRCK-201  T Insulation type
            WRCK-202  Shell type
            Double copper constantan WRCK 2-221  Insulation type
            WRCK 2-231 
            WRCK 2-222  Shell type
            WRCK 2-232 
             Note: casing outer diameter D (mm): φ 3, φ 4, φ 5, φ 6, φ 8.

            Movable ferrule thread device armored thermocouple

            Name Model Graduation Working end form
            Single nickel chromium constantan WREK-301 E Insulation type
            WREK-387 #
            WREK-302 Shell type
            WREK-388 #
            Double nickel chromium constantan WREK 2-321 Insulation type
            WREK 2-331
            WREK 2-322 Shell type
            WREK 2-332
            Single nickel chromium nickel silicon WRNK-301 K Insulation type
            WRNK-387 #
            WRNK-302 Shell type
            Double nickel chromium nickel silicon WRNK 2-321 Insulation type
            WRNK 2-331
            WRNK 2-322 Shell type
            WRNK 2-332
            Single copper constantan WRCK-301 T Insulation type
            WRCK-387 #
            WRCK-302 Shell type
            WRCK-388 #
            Double copper constantan WRCK 2-321 Insulation type
            WRCK 2-331
            WRCK 2-322 Shell type
            WRCK 2-332
            Note: casing outer diameter D (mm): φ 3, φ 4, φ 5, φ 6, φ 8.

            The outer diameter of the casing with "Chen" type 387 and 388 is φ 3 and φ 4mm

            Fixed ferrule flange mounted armored thermocouple
            Name Model Graduation Working end form
            Single nickel chromium constantan WREK-401  E Insulation type
            WREK-402  Shell type
            Double nickel chromium constantan WREK 2-421  Insulation type
            WREK 2-431 
            WREK 2-422  Shell type
            WREK 2-432 
            Single nickel chromium nickel silicon WRNK-401  K Insulation type
            WRNK-402  Shell type
            Double nickel chromium nickel silicon WRNK 2-421  Insulation type
            WRNK 2-431 
            WRNK 2-422  Shell type
            WRNK 2-432 
            Single copper constantan WRCK-401  T Insulation type
            WRCK-402  Shell type
            Double copper constantan WRCK 2-421  Insulation type
            WRCK 2-431 
            WRCK 2-422 Shell type
            WRCK 2-432 
            Note: casing outer diameter D (mm): φ 3, φ 4, φ 5, φ 6, φ 8.

            Movable ferrule flange mounted armored thermocouple
            Name Model Graduation Working end form
            Single nickel chromium constantan WREK-501  E Insulation type
            WREK-502  Shell type
            Double nickel chromium constantan WREK 2-521  Insulation type
            WREK 2-531 
            WREK 2-522  Shell type
            WREK 2-532 
            Single nickel chromium nickel silicon WRNK-501  K Insulation type
            WRNK-502  Shell type
            Double nickel chromium nickel silicon WRNK 2-521  Insulation type
            WRNK 2-531 
            WRNK 2-522  Shell type
            WRNK 2-532 
            Single copper constantan WRCK-501  T Insulation type
            WRCK-502  Shell type
            Double copper constantan WRCK 2-521  Insulation type
            WRCK 2-531 
            WRCK 2-522  Shell type
            WRCK 2-532 
            Note: casing outer diameter D (mm): φ 3, φ 4, φ 5, φ 6, φ 8.

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